A Guide to Maintaining Queen Anthurium

Are you looking for a unique plant that makes your plant nursery incomplete? Queen anthurium might be the right choice for you. It consists of large green leaves which grow up to four feet. If you are a beginner, it is not the right choice because it requires special care in terms of light, temperature, and water.

Moreover, queen anthurium is not a low-maintenance plant, so do even think of buying it if you cannot take proper care of it. However, if you still want to grow it, then you must take care of it yourself to prevent it from any damage. It belongs to tropical rainforest climates.

Moreover, there are plenty of other plants, and it grows on their surface. This means that in rainforests, this plant doesn’t grow in soil. Isn’t that interesting? Let’s explore more about it.

How to care for Queen anthurium?

It is obvious to take care of the plant. Every plant seeks different types of care. Lets us discuss some care tips for queen anthurium:

  • Soil

Like other plants, queen anthurium needs bright indirect sunlight. The plant does not need direct exposure to sunlight, or it may die. Also, it is essential to provide it with well-draining soil. It grows 100% on moss and not on the soil. As discussed above, the plants only grow on other plants. Also, some growers tend to grow it in a well-draining aroid mix. Also, the ph level must be between 6.6 to 7.5.

  • Light

This plant needs a bright indirect light if you grow it indoors. Exposure of the plant to the indirect bright light may help it grow the best. Exposing it to direct sunlight will surely burn its leaves.

  • Watering

You must water the plant only once a week. Also, you need to check if the soil is not dried completely. If it is, immediately water it. However, if you leave it unattended for many days, its leaves may turn yellow and crispy. Interestingly, this one is a thirsty plant.

  • Temperature

When it comes to the temperature that it needs are 68° to 86° F. During this temperature, it grows exceptionally well.

  • Humidity

70% humidity would work wonders for the plant to grow. It requires high humidity, so it is important to keep areas high in humidity. But if you want to grow it in the less humidity area, there is no issue with that too, but it grows well in high humidity areas.

  • Fertilizer

It would be best to fertilize queen anthurium once a week but use liquid fertilizers. Moreover, many expert growers fertilize it once a week for better growth. Only a quarter of liquid fertilizers would also work great for it to grow in the best possible way.

  • Propagation

If you own a plant that does not propagate, it may not grow the way it was supposed to. So propagation is an important thing to do if you own plants. Also, there are three ways in which you can propagate the plant. It can be through stem cutting, division, or the offshoot method. However, if you go out the way and try to grow it through the seeds, it will not only be a slow process but also have low success rates.

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How to use queen anthurium?

The climbing plant is perfect for a corner or a hanging basket. If you have space, you can choose the desired corner of your house and keep it there. However, if you want to increase the beauty of your terrace, you can surely use a hanging basket for it.


In sum the Queen anthurium is a wonderful plant that can be a great addition to the rest of the plants you own. It does not prefer direct sunlight, but it is happy with indirect bright light. So you can keep the plant under a shade where it can get some light. Direct sunlight, since it has UV rays, can affect the leaves, and they can easily get damaged. So if you can take special care of the plant, only then add it to your plant family. Otherwise, the plant is happy in the rainforests.

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