How To Care For, Propagate, Pot, And Fertilize Philodendron Pastazanum Plants

The Philodendron Pastzanum is a lovely heart-shaped plant and is seldom available. Also, the plant is known as a crawler plant because the rhizomes or stems grow vertically and not horizontally unlike other plants.

Notably, if the rhizomes are submerged then the plant is likely to decay and rot. Also, the rhizomes must not be buried as it may result in the exploitation of the plant’s care guide.

However, all the pastazanum plants are stunning and lively. The plant has a perfect shade of green leaves. And the size of the leaf is just unimaginable. Since the plant is rare, there is not much information available regarding its care.

Philodendron Pastazanum Care

Every plant needs some sort of care. Some need special care while some require moderate care. Let’s us discuss some of the pastazanum care methods:

  • Pastazanum soil

Pastazanum requires free-draining soil. However, if you opt for an aroid mix, it would be much better. Also, the mixture that you are using in the pot, the plant, must be chunky and airy so that the water easily passes through it and drains well.

You must use soils like pumice or perlite that are rich in nutrients and hold up the moisture. Moreover, pastazanum also grows exceptionally well in the soil known as Lechuza Pon. You must keep in mind that the ph level should be kept between 5-and 7 to obtain better soil conditions.

  • Light

Pastazanum plants require medium to bright light but the light must be indirect. However, a few hours of direct sunlight would also work great for the plant. The morning sunlight is preferable rather than the sharp sunlight in the afternoon. The afternoon sun must be avoided. Direct exposure to sunlight may burn the leaves and damage the plant.

  • Pastazanum watering
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Watering pastazanum plants too often is not advised. However, if you feel that the soil is dry, it becomes important to water the plant. It is best to water your plant every week. Even watering the plant with a specific amount depends on some of the factors of your home.

However, you don’t need to dig those factors out as the temperature, humidity and the amount of light will themselves tell you the frequency of watering the plant. Moreover, overwatering of the plant may also ruin them.

Even so, it is always advisable to water the plants as the soil requires. However, do not leave the soil completely drier than it normally is.

  • Temperature

The ideal temperature for the plant during the daytime is  45°F to 95°F. The nighttime temperature must be 60°F to 70°F.

  • Humidity

Humidity above 65% is best for the plant. Also, the ideal humidity ranges from 65% to 75%. You must not be worried if the ideal humidity is not there at your home. You can apply different tips and tricks to grow your plant.

 Philodendron Pastazanum Fertilization

You ought to use a well-balanced fertilizer for your potted plant. Liquid fertilizers or slow-release fertilizers will not pose any problems. The growing season of the plant is spring and summer. For best results, fertilize once a month during this time. Make sure that you don’t fertilize the plant in winter and autumn.

 Philodendron Pastazanum Propagation

The propagation procedure can take place by two methods, via stem cuttings or rhizomes. The advantage of propagation through stem cutting is that the stem grows in a way that it is already rooted so there is no difficulty in cutting it from the plant.

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However, you may encounter some difficulty while propagating a plant through the rhizome. You must make sure that there is at least a single node to make the process successful. You don’t need a leaf because the cutting can easily grow into a new plant.

Pastazanum Potting

Using a round pot for potting the pastazanum plant may be a common mistake that you may make. Moreover, the plant grows horizontally so it requires much more space than the size of a regular pot.

However, you can opt for a rectangular pot which is quite spacious and will help you the plant quite well. The depth of the rectangular pot doesn’t matter but it should be considerably taller to accommodate the plant.


Add one more beautiful and adorable plant called Philodendron pastazanum to your balcony to make it even more beautiful. Moreover, the plant doesn’t require much care, but it requires watering once a week and direct exposure of sunlight to the plant is not preferable to the plant.

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