A Complete Guide To The Huernia Schneideriana Gardening

A cute type of succulent plant, Huernia Schneideriana, which is commonly known as the red dragon flower is one that you can easily grow at home. Furthermore, you might wonder how to recognize the plant? So it is quite easy to do so because the plant contains beautiful red flowers along with the tell-tale cactus stem.

Huernia Schneideriana Propagation:

Propagating a plant is truly important to keep it alive for a longer period. Moreover, there are two ways to propagate the plant. Let us discuss both:

1. Propagation of Huernia Schneideriana through stem cuttings

    • You will need a sharp blade that must be sterilized properly.
    • Now choose a healthy stem that is approximately 4 inches tall
    • Put your blade at the 45° angle and then cut the stem
    • Now keep the stem safely in a well-ventilated room where the stem is not exposed to direct sunlight. You have to wait unless the stem’s bottom turns hard
    • Now put the cutting in the pot with a well-draining potting mix with a little bit of watering
    • Do not water the plant frequently as it may ruin the plant’s bottom
    • Now keep an eye on the plant unless it is fully nurtured

2. Propagation of Huernia Schneideriana through plant division

The baby huernia plant is known as pups. And you can separately grow the baby plant in a new pot. The ideal time to grow the plant is in summer and spring because, in the two climates, the plant establishes quite well.

  • Lift the plant from the pot very gently and dust off the soil as much as you can so the roots are visible
  • Find out where the pup is attached to its mother plant
  • Now separate both of them
  • Use a well-drained pot to plant the pup
  • Now wait for a couple of weeks to get the desired results
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Huernia Schneideriana Repotting

If you are happy with your red dragon flower, then it is high time to plant a new one. But before doing so, you must know all the steps to properly complete the repotting procedure.

  • Mix the horticulture perlite and sandy loam while mixing them well
  • Have a new pot by your side
  • Now pour in a little bit of mesh screen
  • Pour the growing mixture until the pot is 2 inches empty
  • Now gently take the red dragon flower out of the old pot while dusting off the initial layer of soil
  • Now place it into the new pot
  • Make sure you spread the roots in the best possible way
  • Fill in the pot and you are done with the process!

Huernia Schneideriana Care

When it comes to taking care of the plant, it is an important task. You need well-draining soil for the purpose. Moreover, you must ensure that the soil dries out regularly. Also, during winters, the plant needs to be completely dry.

Besides, the plant doesn’t need direct sunlight so it is better to keep the plant in a shaded area where the plant can get indirect sunlight. Moreover, the temperature must be between 50-80°F.

Even more, the plant doesn’t require much fertilization but if you wish to do it then make sure you fulfill the purpose in the plant’s growing season. Hence, if you follow the proper care guide for the plant, then the plant is likely to survive for a longer period.

On the contrary, red dragon plants are quite tough and survive in the toughest conditions so taking too much care is surely not required for this plant. Exposure to direct sunlight may burn the plant so they are likely to tuck themselves away from the sunlight.

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The Ideal Soil for Huernia Schneideriana

Huernia  Schneideriana is supposed to live in arid areas and well drainage soil is a must-have for this type of plant. Furthermore, you need a mixture of the following to make the plant grow well:

  • 50% pumice
  • 25% sand
  • 25% peat

The pot should be layered with coarse gravel before the soil mix. Further, this procedure helps in exceptional drainage and the plant benefits from it to a great extent. The advantage of growing this plant is that it depends on your country’s summer climate as the gravel itself dries out the stems.

Moreover, if you are about to choose a pot for the Huernia Schneideriana plant, then you must opt for a clay pot because it is good at wicking away the extra water so that the plant can thrive longer.


Make your balcony an attractive place by planting Huernia Schneideriana which is a beautiful plant. Moreover, it doesn’t require any frequent care because it doesn’t need water now and then. However, you can propagate the plant as per the guide discussed in this article to make it live long.

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