Tips to Take Care of Donkey’s Tail Plant

Do you love the right succulent plant in a cozy corner of your home? Well, we certainly understand the need for a plant lover to fill their space with a great plant. Although it is a huge task to take proper care of individual plants.

If you have different kinds of plants within your house, it can be a considerable challenge to keep up with proper knowledge to make each plant grow at its maximum pace. An adequate solution to keep up with methodologies to keep plants alive is to own a particular category of plants.

The most hassle-free plants are succulent plants as they can survive on minimum care. However, not all succulent plants such as Ferocactus or Haworthia plants require the same care of the same soil to thrive. A Donkey’s tail plant is one of the plants that is complicated to maintain. However, it is impossible to ignore its beauty and unique look.

This plant comes in various types, but its small pus-filled leaves give it a fuller look. This plant is also known as Burro’s tail plant, and it has different attributes. This plant looks fantastic on the balcony or indoors. If you keep this plant in a hanging planter, it will have more space to grow.

This plant comes under the category of sedum plant, which is prone to leave breakage. If you keep this plant indoors, you have to be delicate with it; otherwise, it can create a mess in your space. These plants also tend to get frostbite in intense cold.

If you live in colder regions, make sure you bring the plant indoors and keep it room temperature. The best attribute of this plant is its unique look. Your guest will undoubtedly pay a significant amount of attention to it. The leaves of this plant look like plum grains of rice but in a green shade.

The sedum plant usually grows in the form of trails that hang down from the pot. Hence, you do not require to keep this plant in a spacious area. These plants come in a small pot and look cute in a tight space.

Most people have no idea how to take care of this plant as it is small and shed many leaves. On the other hand, its aesthetic looks are intriguing and push you to adopt this plant. We are here to help you by providing a few growth tips.

Tips to Grow a healthy Donkey’s tail plant

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When it comes to growth, people lose their minds as each plant is different. However, you can simplify the process by just remembering a few tips. Water, soil, and light are a few elementary things that one should never forget.

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This plant grows nicely if you emphasize a few factors. The factors to pay attention to may also involve fertilizer, temperature, and container. However, these factors hold secondary importance if you keep the above factors in mind. So, let’s begin and discuss a few crucial factors to maintain your plant’s health.


Succulent plants have varying properties and light requirements. However, one thing is quite clear that each succulent plant requires a fair amount of light. Most people like to keep this plant on their window sill or hang it in their balconies, which is an easy way to add a touch of nature.

However, this specific plant requires an ample amount of shade also to grow faster. You need to choose a space in your home, which is well-lit for a few hours rather than all day. It is vital to keep the plant parts in direct sunlight and partially in shadow.


Water may not seem essential to keep this plant alive, but it is crucial. Water is substantial for succulent plants. However, you must keep the soil a little moist in its growth period. You must research how a typical succulent plant looks like if you notice any dryness, water right away.

Have you ever had an experience where you lost a plant due to water retention or dryness? It is quite common for the plant owners to misinterpret the needs of a plant. If you happen to overwater a succulent plant, make sure you do not water it for a few days to balance it out.


The soil needs of each plant also differ when it comes to the succulent plant. It is always a good idea to do your research before making a move and spending your money on fancy soils. If we talk about this plant, it requires an average quality soil.

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It is crucial to test out and mix a few soils to see which optimizes your plant growth. A cactus fertilizer usually works for this plant. However, ensure that the soil has a drainage factor because excess water accumulation is not healthy for a plant’s growth.


We humans, require occasional therapy to keep us active and calm. Similarly, plants also need an occasional boost to revive themselves. Fertilizers are a great way to boost plant growth and pump them up with adequate nutrients. However, not all succulent plants react to fertilizers or gain any benefits.

However, this succulent plant can benefit from fertilizers occasionally. You can mix cactus fertilizer or conditioner with the soil once in a while to achieve better results. The leaves also gain nourishment from fertilizer. The problem of excess shedding can also resolve if you add the right kind of soil conditioner.

Temperature and humidity

Temperature is crucial when it comes to maintaining the health of a plant. Well, if we mention this succulent plant, it thrives in mid-summer or warm peak temperature. However, some succulent plants may not survive the intense cold. This plant is immune to frostbite to some extent.

If you live in an area where the temperature is intensely cold, it will be great to keep the plant indoors. This succulent plant does not require humidity, and in humid months, it should be held in a well-ventilated area. In a warm month, you will notice new buds and leaves.


Donkey Tail Plant Container

A spacious container is the requirement of this specific succulent plant. Mostly, people like to keep this plant indoors in exquisite planters and hanging plant pots. The plant does not have a set requirement for planting pots or containers you decide to place them in.

On the other hand, there are few things you should keep in mind while investing in a container. You must select a little deep box, its roots are long, and requires ample space to hold firmly. The leaves grow downwards; hence’ choose a tall planter to avoid switching quickly.

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How to repot or propagate Donkey’s tail plant?

propagate Donkey's tail plant

Selling unique plants is a great business, and it is even better if you can do business out of your passion. However, the propagation task is not as simple as it may seem. We are sharing a few tips through which you can quickly propagate this plant.

Plant propagation

One of the most straightforward methodologies to produce clones of this plant is through stem propagation. You can propagate this plant by selecting a fresh stem which you think is in a better condition. Select a sharp surgical knife or object to extract the fleshy part of the plant.

Leave the part to dry to achieve adequate drainage of pus. Select a small pot and fill it with some soil. Please make a small opening at the base of the extracted part and dig it deep into the soil. Water the new plant when necessary to stimulate plant growth.


You can replant the initial succulent species all over again, depending on the condition. You can change the pot by extracting the plant roots and transferring it into another pot and switching the soil.

Ways to get rid of insects and pest from Donkey’s tail plant

insects and pest from Donkey's tail plant

Donkey’s tail plant is prone to mealybugs and whiteflies due to its fleshy leaves. The condition can get worse if you do not take immediate action. Here are a few ways to save your plant:

Peppermint spray

You can make a smooth concoction of peppermint oil and water, mix them well. Spray it on the tail of the plant and concentrate it most on areas with the most bugs. Spray the mixture a few times a week until the situation is under control.

Pest spray

This is a decorative plant; hence, it is okay if you spray mild pesticide. To reduce the toxicity level of the pesticide, mix it with oil.

Where to buy Donkey’s tail plant?

buy Donkey's tail plant

A great place to get a succulent plant in an excellent condition is Amazon. Amazon offers fast delivery, and each plant comes in a small decorative container. If you wish to spice up your space, get your hands on this plant now.

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A donkey’s tail plant can make a great decorative piece if you want to add depth to your room. These plants do not require extravagant care to survive. You can use their pussy leaves to propagate this plant quickly.

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