Aprenda a enmendar suelos arcillosos para jardinería

Garden soil is not just simple dirt but a lot more. And when it comes to clay soil, it indeed gets further complicated. To become a better Gardener, you should learn how to amend clay soil. And you can do this by using the best tillers for clay soil. This means it’s not that difficult. You can use this tiller to mix all the organic materials like bark, sawdust, peat moss, or manure.

In many parts of the United States, clay soil is prevalent, which means it’s not easy to grow plants and vegetables in this type of soil. But with some background information, you can easily improve clay soil and make it better enough to grow vegetables, different plants, and flowers.

What Is Clay Soil?

Clay soil is a type of soil that lack organic materials but have some fine mineral particles. Since there is not much space between the minerals and it doesn’t drain well, the consistency of this soil is sticky. While watering your soil, you may have noticed that water puddles onto the ground rather than soaking means your soil is clay.

The soil with 50% of clay particles is considered heavy clay soil. There is a simple soil test that determines whether you have clay soil in your garden or not. But it is highly probable that you already know your soil is clay if it sticks to your shoes and garden tools like glue. You may notice big clods. Or, in dry weather, there are big cracks in your garden.

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Uses Of Clay Soil:

Some of the main uses of clay soils are given below:

  • You can grow many plants like apple, elm, ash, willow, tamarack, and more in clay soil.
  • As clay soil has a lot of extraordinary properties, which means you can easily use it for construction purposes. You can dry this clay soil in the sun or burn it in the fire. You can use clay to make adobe bricks and build a house.
  • Mixing a bit of water in this clay allows you to easily make different shapes like pots, pipes, and many different household objects.
  • Clay soil can be used for pottery also, but it is a lengthy process as clay should be heated slowly.
  • In the folk medicinal field, clay soil has been used for upset stomach infections, relief for wounds, and many more because of its antimicrobial properties.

Types Of Clay Soil:

If we divide clay soil according to the amount of clay present, four types of clay soils have different characteristics. You can use a different types of best tillers for clay soil to till these soils. Make sure to use water while tilling the clay soil. The different types are:

  1. Silt soils (0 – 10 percent clay)
  2. Clay soils (10 – 25 percent clay)
  3. Clay soils (25 – 40 percent clay)
  4. Clay soils ((40 percent clay)


Some trees can easily grow in clay soil, but most perennials, annuals, and vegetables don’t have strong roots to pass through the dense clay soil. Best tillers for clay soil are available in the market, so you can use them to make your clay soil good enough to grow your plants.

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