Filodendro Paraíso Verde: Propagación, trasplante y cuidados

The Paraiso serves as a decor plant to create a captivating impact on the viewers. As cheer on top, the deep greenish foliage makes it elegant garden ornamentation. The sole champ of the plant beauty pageant is the well-known Philodendron Paraiso Verde. This plant is also called green paradise as the beauty is not unique but matchless.

Furthermore, these green pant caters to making the indoors delightful. Usually, it is the best plant to decorate the green beds or lounge. That’s why the Paraiso plant is an indelible ornamental item.

The ideal land for the Paraiso plant is the rainforest, in which they have peak growth. However, they also grow best in damp and shady places. In short, they show massive production in the rainforests and seaside.

Are you a gardening freak and eager to know about Philodendron Paraiso Verde? We are here for you. In this article, you’ll explore everything related to this lovely plant. Keep reading the details mentioned next.

Origin Of Philodendron Paraiso Verde

The Paraiso plant is known as one of the rarest plants of the genus Philodendron. in the late 1600s, botanists discovered it for the very first time. All the pervasive plants are from the Araceae family that segregate to form the world’s largest plants genus.

Additionally, they originated from sub-tropical regions of the continent of America. They also inhabit the lands of the West Indies. Moreover, they also grow alongside water channels and aqueducts. This plant is a moisture-loving plant nature.

Propagation And Repotting:

Philodendron Paraiso Verde is an easy-going plant due to the minimal care requirements. Likewise, is the propagation of this rare plant. Not only that, but the proliferation will also result in multiple newly sprouting leaflets of the Paraiso plant.

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For that, the most common method is none other than stem cutting. Although there are different ways to propagate it, stem cutting gives quick results. In this way, you can multiply this plant quickly, even at home.

Here is wholesome info regarding Philodendron propagation. Spare a moment to check the description below.

  • First, get a fully developed Philodendron plant having consistent growth throughout terminals.
  • Secondly, use a sharp knife and cut off a small stem portion. Clean the cutting sections to get rid of any unnecessary leaf or outgrowth.
  • Implant the stem cuttings into a potting mix soil with just one or two leaves.
  • Place the pot at any place offering indirect sunlight. Water the plant quite often.
  • If the stem cuttings start developing, keep the potting mix damp.

Another contributing factor in the immense growth of Filodendro is repotting. It is essential for the plant itself as the increasing size needs a prominent place to fit within.

For the Paraiso plant, repotting is only required if there is root-bounding in the plant. All you must do is to follow the given directions and replant it.

  • The first and foremost step is to take a container or plant greater in size than the former ones.
  • Remember that the pot size shouldn’t be less than 2 inches. Therefore, the plant won’t be hard to affix.
  • Prepare the potting soil mixture by adding perlite to it. Then settle down the soil thoroughly in the pot.
  • Place the plant in the new container and coat the potting mix layer around it again.
  • Press the plant down through your fingers so that the plant can stand well. Water your replanted plant.
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How To Care for Philodendron Paraiso Verde

Philodendron Paraiso Verde shows high growth in the optimum growing conditions. If you also want to enhance your green paradise quantitatively and qualitatively, you have hit it right. We have developed an in-depth care guide based on the Paraiso plant. Scroll down for more.

  1. Water Supply:

For better results, water the Paraiso more often. Since it is a humid-loving plant that grows best in wet places, keep the water level up to the mark. Bear in mind that over-watering is not suitable as it may deteriorate too. Therefore, check the soil texture right before watering, whether it’s dry.  

  1. Light Requirements:

The Paraiso plant produces well in the high light intensity. To do so, place the container somewhere well-lit and ventilated. Regarding sunlight, direct exposure won’t be fruitful. Because the scorching sun rays will affect the plant leaves terribly.

Aside from the light, some plant species inhabit shady places and grow well. If you’re confused about searching for a perfect spot for the Paraiso plant, put it somewhere half-shady and half-lit. 

  1. Fertilization:

Get high plant growth by adding fertilizers to it. Fertilizers are the buffers and boasters that will enhance the Paraiso production. In addition, organic manure is an excellent contributor to A1 quality plants.

Always add fertilizer in the growing seasons like summer or spring. However, you can also fertilize the plant in the winter season but in less amount. For better results, fertilize the plant yearly.

  1. Suelo:

A considerable soil volume with excellent drainage is best for a green paradise plant. You can also prepare high-quality soil enriched with all-inclusive nutrient minerals. Any potting mixture with perlite and organic constituents will be a perfect growing medium for Paraiso plants.

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Another essential factor to consider about soil quality is the water supply. It indirectly affects the soil that is ultimately responsible for plant growth. Given that, excessive water supply will result in clogging and then death. Keep the soil moist when it starts getting arid.

Is Philodendron Paraiso Verde Harmful?

Indeed, it is. This green paradise is highly toxic. On that account, it will be worthwhile to be cautious if you have the Paraiso plant. Keep your pets away from this plant as a bare minimum exposure will be harmful.

The green plant has calcium oxalate crystal within that is itself toxic compound. In case if accidentally engulfed, the toxic crystal will invade the organ system of the body. The patient will have severe pain, inflammation, and swelling throughout the gut.

Sometimes, the symptoms may be widespread in the entire body, from the oral cavity to the intestines. The sole solution is to get medical aid as soon as possible. Thus,

place the plant out of reach from children or pets to halt accidental crystal ingestion.


In closing the Philodendron Paraiso Verde discourse, we are aware of its stunning leaflets, i.e., an ideal indoor pick. This green plant will add up to the beauty of your lounge through the catchy foliage. Moreover, it is an easy-to-grow plant with minimum care and maintenance.

They also exhibit mass growth if treated aptly. Being the unique species of the Philodendron genus, the Paraiso plant is rare to get. Therefore, if you have it by chance, take good care of it.

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