Hens and Chicks Plant Healthy Growth Guide

If you are new to plants and are skeptical about whether you should go, you must start small. Succulent plants such as Ferocactus and Lapidaria are easy to take care of when compared to other plants. They require minimum maintenance, but you need to consider a few factors for productive growth.

Hens and chicks plant is a beautiful plant that most people love to keep indoors. This may seem like a cactus plant, but it is quite different in terms of features. This plant is green in color with similar color foliage. Often the color of the foliage is green, red, and brown. One thing to consider when adopting this plant is frequent container changes.

These plants give birth to various kinds of rosettes and that too in a cluster form. When cluster rosettes grow laterally, it requires more space. Select a shallow planter, but wide width-wise. There are a lot of layers when it comes to taking care of a plant. In this article, we will educate you on how to take care of the plant by focusing on just a few factors.

Crucial Growth Tips for Hens And Chicks Plant

Growth Tips for Hens And Chicks Plant

This plant grows in the form of clusters, and it also has a fantastic outlook. People who want to keep this plant as a decorative item must opt for mini versions. There are quite a few variants of this plant, but the most common is cluster green rosette one.

One fantastic feature of this plant is that you can grow it in a hot or cold temperature. However, the growth of the plant is quite limited in the winter months. You will be astonished to realize that this plant can grow in poor soil conditions.

The task of growing a plant is soothing and relaxing. However, one can only feel joyous performing these tasks if they are well-aware of the proper procedure. The hens and chicks usually grow in a rocky area.

The cold stones and poor-quality soil are fundamental. On the other hand, other crucial factors also promote plant growth in an exemplary manner. The peak growth time of this plant is summers. Summer is the primary blooming time when purplish-red flowers grow.

Did you know that this plant is edible? This is an emergency plant in most areas, which means you can only eat this plant when you have nothing else to eat. In Europe, people hang planters to prevent fire. Another excellent factor about this plant is that it is deer resistant.

If you are planting this plant from scratch, you must know that this plant will take at least a few years to produce its first bloom. In a typical scenario, this plant will make at least four blooms at the end of the season. To know further tips, refer to the factors mentioned below:

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Most new plant owners fail to understand the importance of adequate lighting for plant growth. The most common misunderstanding regarding a succulent plant is that you need to keep it in the bright sunlight for optimal growth. However, the amount of light solely depends on plant type and climate.

This plant requires a substantial amount of sunlight because it is a succulent plant. However, in some areas of the world, it grows best in partial shade. Researchers claim that it requires partial sun to produce healthy blooms and foliage in the southern regions of the world.


The soil is probably the building block of the plant. If you do not use the right soil to grow the plant, chances are your plant will die. Every succulent plant requires a rocky soil in the right amount. Similarly, this plant also needs rocky soil that has low quality.

Now, most people will think twice when they read low quality. This plant can thrive in poor-quality soil. One thing that everyone should keep in mind is the drainage. If you use a heavy soil that does not drain well, then peat will grow in the ground.


You may have heard the importance of water a million times. However, it is a fact, and you should never neglect water. On the other hand, when we look at water in relevance to plants, this might not be applicable. Every succulent has different needs, so do this plant.

Hens and chick’ plants are drought-tolerant. By drought-tolerant, what we mean is that it can go days without water. Moving on, water still plays a huge part when it comes to the growth of this plant. The dry spell season in hot countries can kill most plants.

If you live in a dry and warm country like UAE, you must monitor your plant in dry spell season. Although this plant is drought resistant, it is still prone to dying without water. If you are unsure about the amount of water you should provide, start with sprinkling water.

If the soil drinks the water immediately, add some more water. The worst thing you can do to the plant is over-water it or water frequently. In cold weather, this plant can go without water for a whole month. Do not water the plant if it is not essential as it can be dangerous for the plant’s health.


Most people think that a succulent plant cannot survive winters. Well, in most cases, this is true because they are known to survive in intense heat. Nature produces unique species, and this plant is amongst them.

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The most astonishing fact about this plant is that it can survive the intense cold. The temperature factor is advantageous for various people as it gives them significant leverage. There is no temperature restriction as such. However, it is best if you keep this plant indoors at room temperature.


Most people do not consider humidity as an essential factor for growth. When we think of most succulent plants, we automatically believe they require humidity. All plant lovers with even a little bit of plant knowledge must be aware of succulent plants’ ability to live in humid weather.

Although, this particular plant is used to living in both hot and cold weather. If we talk about humidity, it does not require a humid atmosphere. In intense cold weather, it is barely humid, and in common indoor space, the moisture is under control. If you keep this plant indoors, keep it in a ventilated area.


Most people think that plants are high maintenance, which is a fact in some cases. Some people like investing in the well-being of their plants. People who consider plants as living beings go above and beyond to alleviate the health of their plants.

Fertilizers are a fantastic way to catalyze the growth of a plant. However, it is essential for some plants. In the case of this plant, you do not require any fertilizer to optimize its growth. Although, cactus soil conditioner is refreshing for the plant and gives it a burst of nutrients to grow.


Do you ever wonder why your plant is not growing well despite taking care of each factor? If you feel like your plant growth is stagnant, it might have something to do with the container. The succulent plant requires a planter that supports soil drainage.

This plant grows along the diameter, which means it requires more surface area after each interval. If you feel your plant is growing out of the current container, make sure you switch it immediately. To develop this plant species, you require a shallow planter which is ample width wise.

Planting and Propagation of a Hens And Chicks Plant

Planting and Propagation of a Hens And Chicks Plant

Owning a plant business is a great way to contribute to sustainable living and attain significant revenues. Most people are persistent on the idea of propagating a plant at home. However, they often fail to do so due to various reasons.

One of the main reasons is not knowing the correct method to perform the propagation process. When it comes to shifting the planters, the plant owner gets intimidated.

However, both the procedures are straightforward if you learn the same trick. We have mentioned a few ways to get these procedures right.


Well, similar to other succulent plants, the methodology of growing this plant is identical. However, it would be best if you were extra cautious when you are extracting the roots.

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The propagation method consists of three simple steps. Firstly, find a suitable plant with healthy hearts, then extraction and lastly replanting.

Let’s begin with the first step, which is extracting the root. It would help if you had a sharp object to remove the root as this plant grows in a cluster. Once you have the source with you, you can wait for it to lose moisture or replant it right away.

You have to be extra cautious when performing the planting part. If you have not let the root dry, do not water the plant right away. This plant can extract moisture from the soil on its own. Use adequate ground to plant the roots; this way, it will progress faster.


When it comes to replanting the plant, it entirely depends on its current position. If you think that your plant is growing out of the pot or space is too less, make quick action and replace the planter.

The planter you decide to go for must be spacious and have enough depth for sustainable growth.

Pest and Insect Control for the Hens and Chick’ Plant

Pest and Insect Control for the Hens and Chick' Plant

One of the most challenging phases as a plant owner is dealing with pesky little bugs. We don’t know where these small creatures come from, but they can instantly ruin your hard work. The thought of using heavy pesticides makes you think once more.

However, there are some ways through which you can get rid of pests and insects without using pesticides. The methods we are mentioning below requires little effort and little money. Here are some ways through which you can save your plants naturally:

Peppermint Oil/ Neem Oil

This particular plant is prone to mealybugs and aphids. These bugs tend to eat the fleshy leaves of your plant, leaving big holes. In the worst case, these bugs can attack the root of your plants, leaving them lifeless.

An easy remedy to get rid of mealybugs and aphids is to use peppermint or neem oil. Please do not apply the oil directly as it has acidic properties. Take some water, add a few drops of peppermint/ neem oil, and shake well.

Examine the condition of your plant and sprinkle once or twice a week, depending upon the situation.

Where to Buy Hens and Chick Plant

Where to Buy Hens and Chick Plant

Amazon sells beautiful rosette pieces in small containers at a smart price. If you have a hard time finding the hens and chicks plant breed, you can order directly from Amazon. This plant makes a beautiful gift to anyone who loves plants.


Hens and chicks plant has a beautiful green rosette that looks unique. This plant makes a gorgeous gift as any regular person will find this plant exciting.

You can take care of this plant easily without investing too much. If you are looking for a small indoor plant that alleviates the beauty of your space, then this is it.

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