Kedrostis Africana Plant Growth and Care Tips

Kedrostis Africana is a sumptuous plant that mostly grows in southern Africa and the United States. This plant is capable of growing at an impeccable pace indoors if it is taken care of properly. This plant grows both male and female flowers in the same plant.

This plant grows quite slow when compared to other green plants. However, it looks phenomenal as it has dangling leaves and produces beautiful orange flowers. The best property of this wild plant is that it has weightless properties.

In Africa, people use this wild plant in their food as they believe it has some amazing weightless benefits. This plant grows up to 50-inches in diameter rather than growing in height.

It is a beautiful indoor plant that requires minimum conditions to grow. Are you excited to know all the valuable tricks to grow this wild plant?

How to Grow a Kedrostis Africana Plant Faster?

Grow a Kedrostis Africana Plant

Adopting a plant is a huge responsibility and acquiring proper knowledge makes things easier for a person. We are here to guide you through all the valuable tips and tricks to foster plants efficiently.


Soil is one of the primary needs of a plant and it is vital to change soil regularly to add a strong base for plant growth. Kedrostis Africana plant is a slow-growing plant, but a well-drained soil can make a significant difference in the growth pace of the plant.

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Although, this plant does not fall under the category of succulent plant entirely. It still needs a mix of sand and wet soil to grow fully. You can also mix cactus fertilizer with the soil to enhance the soil nutrient.


Water is like a living block of a plant without which it will wither and die. Unlike Jovibarba and Duvalia succulent plants, this plant needs a substantial amount of water to survive. In a dry and hot season make sure you provide enough water to the plant.

In the fall and winter season, do not water the plant often. Once in a while, check the condition of the plant, and if it’s dry or looks dull, water it immediately. On the contrary, avoid overwatering the plant as it can rot easily in excess water.


It is also crucial to stimulate the growth pace of a plant. Most people mistake indoor plants as a plant that does not need sunlight at all. This plant needs filtered sunlight to thrive and grow rapidly. However, intense and scorching sunlight can easily kill this plant.

Plant Container

People often get confused about what plant container they should use to grow the plant fully. However, the best container for this plant is deep and wide as it grows laterally rather than in height.

The Process of Propagation and Repotting of Kedrostis Africana Plant

Propagation and Repotting of Kedrostis Africana Plant


To propagate the Kedrostis Africana plant most gardeners use a seed to grow it from scratch. Although, the plant grows slowly and needs proper care at the developmental stage. This plant can also be propagated through the stem of the plant.

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The process to propagate it through the stem is to take a sharp object and cut the stem at the base. Wait for a day or two for the stem to dry a little and then plant it by cutting the base of the stem a little. The plant will grow faster this way without any difficulty.


It is essential to replant this plant at least once every six months for faster growth. Take the plant out from its root and transfer it to other containers and mix rich soils to see rapid results.

Pest and Insecticide Control for Kedrostis Africana Plant

Insecticide Control for Kedrostis Africana Plant

Neem oil

Neem oil is one of the best ways to get rid of mites and aphids. Dilute neem oil with water and spray it twice a week.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is best for whiteflies. Spray it at least once a week on the plant to keep whiteflies at bay.

Where to buy Kedrostis Africana Plant

Where to buy Kedrostis Africana Plant

Amazon is one of the best platforms to order plants as their express delivery is exemplary in delivering plants faster. They come in a 3.5-inch container, neatly packed, and in a premium state.

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Kedrostis Africana plant is a great place to have indoors as you can utilize it in food. It has a sour taste that regional people use to alleviate the taste of their food. Overall, this plant is simple to grow yet adds a great dimension to any room.

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