The Growth and Maintenance Of The Nananthus Plant

Flowering plants are the best thing to keep indoors and have the ability to instantly revive a home. Nananthus is a great plant that grows mostly in South Africa in intense sunlight. Most flowering plants require hot weather to produce wide blooms in late fall.

This plant produces yellow flowers that look like sunflowers, but they are quite different. They require a big pot as they grow horizontally and vertically both. If you are looking to add an accent color to your room without spending too much money, this plant will come to your rescue. Let’s have a look at how you can take care of this plant:

Growth Tips for Nananthus Plant

Growth tips for Nananthus plant


Nananthus plants require a grainy soil to grow at its maximum potential. A well-drained soil makes sure there is no root rot or any such damaging situation.


This plant requires minimum to no water for growth. In summertime look at the roots of the plant and if they are dry, add some water. In their blooming season which is fall, add water frequently.


This plant needs adequate sunlight to grow to its maximum potential, in fields intense sunlight helps to stimulate its growth. When growing this plant indoors, keep it in a sun-facing room near a window.

Pot /space

You need a big pot to grow this plant effectively indoors, keep changing the pot depending upon how tall it grows.

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Propagation and Potting of Nananthus Plant

Propagation and Potting of Nananthus Plant

Nananthus plants have only two ways of growing from scratch; one is through stem cutting and other seeds. The process of stem cutting is simple, cut a fleshy stem, and divide it into equal parts. Dig the gritty soil and plant all the divided parts at an equal distance for rapid growth.

Repotting is essential to give this plant enough space to grow, you can repot this plant every six-months to provide it adequate area.

Pest and Insect Control for Nananthus Plant

Pest and insect control for Nananthus plant

Peppermint spray

Miz ¾ cup of peppermint oil with a full cup of water, mix it well and spray it on the leaves to get rid of aphids and ants.

Pesticide mix

This plant can foster a lot of pests such as the Duvalia and Jovibarba plant. If the condition goes out of hand, a pesticide is the only solution. Select a mild pesticide and mix it with enough water to bring down the toxicity level of pesticides. Spray it on the plant at least once a week to keep insects at bay.

Where to Buy Nananthus Plant

If you are tired of roaming around and looking for a desired Nananthus plant, go ahead and order it on Amazon. Amazon has a great variety of plants and they offer the best deals on them. They come securely packed in a container and reach you in minimum time.


Nananthus plant produces one of the prettiest flowers which look like sunflowers. They grow best when they get natural sunlight. They alleviate the look of your home significantly by adding hues of bright color.

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