An Overview of Philipodendron Esmereldense Plant

Are you looking for a plant that will make your balcony look more beautiful? The Philodendron Esmereldense plant is an excellent choice for you. Moreover, it is a rare plant that is not known to many, and experts are still conducting some important discussions regarding the plant. But the house plant lovers never miss this strange plant. They immediately buy it because of its climbing nature. It looks beautiful yet attractive.

Interestingly, this rare plant grows with the support of branches and trees in open areas. But no worries if you want to grow it on your balcony. You need to provide the plant with sturdy support so that its growth doesn’t affect it since it has a climbing nature.


The plant has several features which make it stand out among other plants in the nursery. Let us discuss some of them:

  • Stems and foliage

The plants comprise large and healthy leaves, Green at the top and maroonish at the bottom. In addition, the plant can grow up to 30 inches long while they have rounded and raised midribs. Also, the plant’s root system is exceptionally strong.

Besides, it sometimes grows on the rocks too.

  • Evergreen plant

The attractive plant grows in all seasons and doesn’t die soon. Also, it surely needs some special care which increases its life. A good environment leads to the cultivation of a beautiful and healthy plant.

  • Height

The plant has a climbing nature, growing almost 6 to 8 inches high. Moreover, it requires a pole to grow for good support. Besides, the plant needs good care to survive.

  • Temperature threshold
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The plant needs good conditions to grow. However, they surely do not bear the extreme temperatures, especially cold temperatures, which they are prone to.

  • Humidity threshold

The plant comes from a tropical family. Hence it prefers moist surroundings. So, if you live in an area with high humidity, the plant is more likely to survive with better growth.

Philodendron Esmereldense Care

If you are buying a plant, you should know some of its growth and care tips so that it becomes easier for you to make it survive for a longer time. Let us look at some of the tips you can keep taking good care of your plant.

  • Soil requirements

A well-drained soil works great for the Philodendron Esmereldense plant. In addition, if there is a good quantity of organic matter in the soil, then it is highly favorable for the plant. However, it is always advised not to let the soil dry or let it become sandy. Moist soil is perfect for the plant. However, the addition of perlite and peat is the cherry on the top.

  • Water requirements

The plant is habitual of moist soil. But keep in mind that the soil must not be overly moist. Meaning frequent watering is not recommended. Watering must be done as per the need of the plant.

If you overwater the plant, its leaves will turn yellow, and the plant may die soon. However, during summer, you can water the plant thrice a week. Whereas in winters, watering must take place once a week. However, if you are not sure about when to water the plant, it is easy to check. You can touch the soil, and if it is 90% dry, it’s time to water the Philodendron Esmereldense plant.

  • Light requirements
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The plant does not live in high-intensity light, while it prefers living in direct sunlight. However, if strong UV rays directly fall upon the plant, then your plant may be in danger. Your plant can also grow well through indirect sunlight. It can be near your window or somewhere else where the sunlight falls. However, if you keep this plant in a dark room away from sunlight, its leaves will weaken, and the plant will die sooner.

  • Temperature

The plant grows exceptionally well under temperatures ranging from 60° to 85°F. The cooler temperature may damage the plant.

  • Propagation

Propagating the plant is again quite easy. You can propagate Philodendron Esmereldense during the spring season. It is because, during spring, the plant comes out of its dormant phase. Moreover, propagation takes place in two ways, stem cutting and tip cutting.


The plant, Philodendron Esmereldense looks exceptionally beautiful while it stands alone with the support of a pole. The plant is surely a low-maintenance plant. Although the plant is quite rare and there is not much information. Available on the internet regarding the plant.

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