Philodendron Jose Buono – A Worthy Plant with Attractive Leaves

If you want to give your plant gallery a simple touch of the jungle or tropical feel, philodendron Jose Buono will be the perfect choice for you. It can be a great addition to your plant nursery. Also, its a mini tree that makes your garden look exceptionally beautiful.

The best part about its leaves is that they are large, paddle-shaped variegated. It is a slow-growing plant, but its leaves grow about 12 to 20 ft. Besides, one can easily manage its size if grown at home. It is a brilliantly growing plant that may give a unique look to your entire plant gallery. Overall, this is an amazing plant, but its foliage tends to produce up to 2 ft which makes it look even more beautiful. Let’s dig more about philodendron Jose Buono:

How much light does it require?

Philodendron Jose thrives wondrous in indirect, bright light. Moreover, it will be happy with a medium-toned light or a partial shade. However, if you don’t know much about its needs and requirements and leave it under direct sunlight, its leaves will burn. You will know it immediately because its leaves will first turn yellow and then brown.

However, philodendron Jose cannot easily tolerate low light because of its variegations. Other plants with solid green leaves can easily cope with the soft light. The reason why its variegation section is so delicate is that it does not involve the photosynthesis process, nor does it tend to absorb the sunlight. If there is dim or low light, the plant will look for some bright sunshine for healthy growth.

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Also, it requires enough light. However, if it gets minimum light, its growth will slow down, surely producing less food. Moreover, it will stop making food, but its leaves will decrease in numbers than the normal growth.

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Keep the plant indoors:

  • If you keep your pot near the east-facing window, it will get enough sunlight. The early sunlight rays are not that harmful, and the plant’s growth will not be affected.
  • However, if you live in an area where the temperature is warmer, it will get a considerable amount of sunlight, and the plant will grow quite well.
  • The plant’s growth can be badly affected by the afternoon sunlight as it is more intense and sharper. So, you need to move your pot if you have kept it somewhere where the plants can easily get exposed to direct sunlight.

Are you planning to grow philodendron Jose Buono outdoors? Keep it in a shaded area where the direct sunlight does not hit the plant.

What temperature does philodendron Jose Buono require?

No doubt, philodendron Jose is a tropical plant, and it is habitual living in warmer areas. So, the temperature must be between 55- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. This must be kept away from cold or freezing temperatures.


The plant grows happily indoors, which means it is quite pleased with the indoor humidity. Even better, the plant enjoys being in humid weather conditions. The plant is delighted with a humidity of 60% or higher. It tends to tolerate drier air, but too much dry air can damage the tips of its leaves. However, if the indoor humidity is 40% or a bit higher, the plant will grow well.

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Interestingly, it grows best during warm months when kept in moist soil. Also, in winters, make sure that the watering session occurs when the soil is dry. It cannot easily stand overwatering. So one has to be cautious before overwatering it.


In conclusion, the Philodendron Jose Buono is a beautiful tropical plant and ensures a jungle theme to your plant gallery. Moreover, it requires minimal watering and wants to stay away from direct sunlight. Besides, the plant needs a warmer temperature to grow well, avoiding freezing or cold temperatures. In addition, it is known as a slow-growing plant but can reach up to a good height making your terrace look attractive. If you know much about it, you can easily manage its height.

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