Things To Know When Planting Philodendron Pseudoverrucosum

Are you looking for a thin or compact-sized, or a medium plant, you can have a look at it. Moreover, the plant belongs to the Araceae family. Moreover, its dark green velvety leaves are the epitome of beauty. The beautiful plant enhances the beauty of your hanging basket and terrace.

Things To Know When Planting:

Without wasting more time, let’s learn more about Philodendron Pseudo Verrucosum. Besides, it has a great appearance, and we will discuss it in detail below:

  • Foliage

It has ovate to sagittate leaves and Dark green velvety blades with light green veins increase the plant’s attractiveness. Moreover, if you plan to use a hanging basket, go ahead because the plant is best suited for a hanging basket.

When the plant grows, its leaves change the texture to smooth and soft. The short-sized petioles help the plant up and support the compact, medium-sized plant to grow.

  • Size

The plant has an average growth height of 1 to 3 feet. In addition, Philodendron Pseudoverrucosum’s foliage grows about 3 to 4 feet wide.

How can you care for Philodendron Pseudoverrucosum?

It is a tropical plant that prefers warmer temperatures. You need to water it once a week if it’s the growing season, while during winters, make sure to water the plant twice a week.

  • Water requirements

In the growing season, you must water the plant regularly. When you water the plant, the top two inches are dry, and there is no moisture. So the watering schedule must go like:

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SpringOnce a week
SummerThrice a week
Winter10 to 14 days

Ensure to water Philodendron Pseudoverrucosum directly to the soil and not the leaves. Misting the leaves would be great so that the leaves have more moisture. When you water the plant, set the pot aside so the excess water drains off easily and there is only a limited amount of moisture. Excessive moisture may cause root rot which may affect your plant.

  • Soil requirements

If you think that the regular soil may grow well, then you are not right because it cannot survive in the regular soil. The regular potting does not have a good airflow and well drainage system. You surely need to add peat moss and perlite for a healthy plant. Besides, peat can ensure good drainage while perlite provides increased aeration.

It is very simple to add the soil with perlite and peat moss. It is just adding one part perlite and one part peat moss along with one part of potting soil. Your mixture is ready. Hence, you are ready to plant Philodendron Pseudoverrucosum.

  • Sunlight

It’s a tropical plant and prefers partial sunlight or diffused sunlight because it grows under a thick canopy of trees. Direct sun rays are harmful, and there are high chances that they may damage the plant. Moreover, if its foliage burns, then your plant will lose all its essence. However, if you plan to keep the plant under direct sunlight or near your window where the plant can. Be exposed to the direct sun rays, then change your decision and plant it somewhere in a shaded area.

  • Temperature requirements

You can grow Philodendron Pseudoverrucosum indoors, for sure if you live in a region where the room temperature is somewhere between 20°C to 27°C. Also, it is habitual to grow in the warmer temperature, so it grows perfectly fine if you live in a warmer region. Temperature below 12°C is quite severe for the plant, affecting the plant’s growth. However, you can keep your plants in the greenhouse if the temperature goes below 12°C.

  • Humidity

Philodendron Pseudoverrucosum grows exceptionally fine under high humid conditions. Besides, low humidity affects its leaves, and they face away, which is the last stage of any plant.

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In Sum, The Philodendron Pseudoverrucosum is a beautiful velvety plant that must be kept under 60% humidity. The plant thrives under such humidity. The plant can be grown indoors because they tend to live in warmer temperatures. Also, it doesn’t require extra maintenance, so it’s very easy to grow. The beautiful heart-shaped leaves have a velvety texture which is surely the epitome of beauty. Interestingly, its leaves freshen and purify the air greatly unlike other tropical plants.

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