Anthurium Macrolobium – Growing Tips, Watering Requirements and All You Need To Know

Do you want to collect more information about a rare plant called Anthurium Macrolobium? You are near to welcoming a beautiful plant into your plant family. Moreover, it is medium in size and 3 feet tall for its maturity.

The long and deep green foliage enhances the entire look of the plant. Besides, if we put more focus on its leaves, they are velvety and heart-shaped that have curved edges and pointed tips.

Moreover, it needs indirect light while it does not need frequent watering. Want to dig more about this incredible plant? Keep reading the entire guide to have an in-depth understanding of it.

Features Anthurium Macrolobium:

A plant’s features tell its worth of a plant. Every plant has some features which make them different from one another. Let’s dig into the plant’s features:

  • Size

The best thing about this plant is that their growth depends upon the available space where they are planted. The more space, the more this plant would grow. The plant can grow a maximum of 3 to 4 feet tall.

  • Leaves

It grows up with velvety and leathery surface leaves, making them look unique and beautiful. Also, their shape resembles a heart shape, and the pointed edges increase the plant’s versatility.

  • Flower

The anthurium family usually pops up beautiful flowers. Moreover, similar to its family, Anthurium Macrolobium, also blooms beautiful yet attractive flowers. Surprisingly, these beautiful flowers remain fresh and lively for up to 3 months. Furthermore, the flowers do not bloom in every season, but there is a specific season when they bloom.

  • Toxicity
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The anthurium family is usually toxic, and hence macrolobium too has a sort of toxicity that makes it unsafe for pets, children, and adults. If you accidentally touch the foliage, you will feel intense itching and an allergic reaction to your skin. Ingesting the plant is quite dangerous because it can cause discomfort and swelling near the mouth region.

  • Durability

It tends to live for long years if kept under suitable environmental conditions. Moreover, proper care can lead the plant to live fresh and lively for a longer period.

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Anthurium Macrolobium Care

Every plant needs some care and proper handling. If not, then it will surely affect the life and durability of that plant. Good maintenance may lead to a healthy growing plant.

If you have this plant, no worries because they do not need much handling. The easy to care plant is happy with some basic care. When it comes to watering, low to average watering will be perfectly fine for anthurium macrolobium. In addition, it is delightful to live under high to medium humid weather conditions.

Watering Needs

It comes with a low watering requirement. You need to water it thoroughly and wait for the soil to dry until the next watering session. If you are a beginner and have no idea if the soil is dry or not, you can check it with your fingers and water the plant accordingly.

The watering needs of this plant depends on the soil. If the plant is exposed to sunlight and high temperature, it would require more water because it will absorb heat, and the soil will dry fast.

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Additionally, people living in warmer areas need to water it more frequently than in cooler regions. In the warmer days of spring and summer, watering anthurium once or twice a week would be great. Moreover, if you place it outdoors, its watering requirements will change depending on the sunlight and temperature.

Important Care Tips

The incredible plant comes with soft roots. Hence they are prone to root rot. So only a limited amount of watering is required; otherwise, overwatering would damage the plant. You need to keep the soil dry or moist but not let it become soggy.


The evergreen hybrid plant, anthurium macrolobium, belongs to the anthurium family. Its dark green leaves, which have a heart shape, reflect the beauty of this incredible plant. It’s a 3 feet tall plant, and you can easily manage its height. It’s a wonderful plant that needs minimal care and less watering. Whether you want to keep the plant indoors or outdoors, it would grow excellent with basic care.

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