Echeveria Subsessilis – A Comprehensive Guide

Echeveria subsessilis is a beautiful plant known for its stunning design. The plant is bluish-green or grey green. Moreover, it contains spoon-shaped leaves which have pinkish tips. Also, it grows with a wax coating which makes it look soft and powdery. In addition, it requires some well-drained soil to grow. It grows exceptionally well in warmer areas, but you can also make it grow as your houseplant. Furthermore, it falls under the family of Crassulaceae.

Growing Tips and Care

Every plant requires some careful growing tips which prevent the plant from dying before a certain age. You can also take good care of Echeveria subsessilis to retain its freshness.

  • The plant’s ideal size

The plant has a width of 3 to 4 inches. It has a thick coating of farina which ensures it a powdery look and the ability to bear the sun.

  • Light and temperature

When it comes to Echeveria subsessilis, it needs scorching sun rays to grow efficiently outdoors. But when we talk about indoors, then a bright light is enough to grow the plant. The brightness helps the plant to maintain its freshness and color. The plant’s temperature requires to grow in summers and spring at 65 to 80° Fahrenheit. While on the other hand, it maintains a temperature of 60 to 75° during winters and fall.

  • Feeding and Watering

It is highly recommended not to overwater the plants. Even more, irregular watering is the best possible thing for this plant. Once it grows enough, it doesn’t require frequent watering. After watering the plant, it is essential to wait unless the plant’s soil is 100% dry so that you can water it again. However, you can always fertilize it in the summers with the help of liquid fertilizer. Unluckily, if you overwater it, it will immediately die.

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 Propagation and Repotting

Similar to the other plants, Echeveria subsessilis grows from the seeds. Moreover, you can propagate the plant following the instructions below:

  • The ideal time to propagate the echeveria plant is during summers and spring
  • You can remove the offsets with the aid of a sharp knife or scissors and can plant them in the other pot
  • Propagating from the leaf cuttings will promise you better results

Also, you can propagate the plant with seeds, leaves, and cuttings. Besides, you surely do not need to apply the repotting procedure repeatedly. It is essential to do repotting if you have just bought the plant.

Propagating Plant from the Leaves

Propagation of the Echeveria plant must be done carefully by using the leaf of the mother plant. Carefully cut the leaf and propagate the plant. A healthy leaf is necessary to propagate the plant, so the cutting of the leaf matters a lot.

Propagation from the Cuttings

Propagation of the plant requires a clean cutting from the Echeveria mother plant. Use scissors or knives to cut the whole leaf. If you do not cut the leaf properly, it will become unhealthy and not show the desired results.

Propagation from the Seeds

Although, Echeveria grows slowly, growing it with seeds is not ideal in any case. Furthermore, this method is not highly recommended by the experts. But if you want to try it, you can surely plant the seed in well-drained soil. Also, this propagation procedure works well in outdoor areas.

 Where to Plant Echeveria Subsessilis?

You will find it challenging to plant the Echeveria because it might be difficult for you at first, but it will become easy once you start doing it independently.

  • First, you need to gravel the dish or pot you want to plant. Echeveria subsessilis is a succulent plant that requires extremely well drainage soil
  • Now add a thin layer of succulent and cactus over the gravel
  • Now take out the succulents from their desired pots and place them in your pot as per your wish
  • You can even break the plant if it seems taller in a polite manner
  • Now make sure there is no gap between the compost and succulent
  • Now add some decorative gravel to make your plant look pleasant.
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Who does not love plants? Especially Echeveria subsessilis. It is beautiful and makes your surroundings pleasant and meaningful. All you need to do is take the proper care of it. The article consists of some of the important guidelines regarding the growing and feeding of the plant. You can read and get a lot of information from it.

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