How to Grow Devil’s Trumpet at Home

Indoor plants undoubtedly enhance the look of a house and provide a refreshing feeling. There are several outdoor plants available but nothing beats Devils Trumpet due to its beautiful shades and interlinked petals. The distinct structure of the plant and a seamless outline provides it a devil-like look.

The green foliage and phenomenal blooms at the end of the season will make you jump in excitement. They mostly grow from May to September; however, they cannot handle intense cold weather. In winter their growth is stagnant and they can also die of intense cold.

The size of a large bloom is usually 6 to 8 inches and the small ones are about 4 to 5 inches. The flowers are open and have a bluish-grey color. The bell-shaped flower looks fantastic in an indoor space. To know how to take care of the Devil trumpet, stay tuned.

Tips to grow Devil’s Trumpet

Devil’s Trumpet is an easy to grow flower with fewer liabilities to stimulate its growth. The few basic factors such as soil, water, sunlight, and space play a crucial role in its healthy growth. The following factors are important to perfectly grow this plant:


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Soil is the most basic yet the most crucial element in a plant’s growth. The soil necessary to grow this plant should be good-quality and well-drained soil. There are a few soils available in the market that aim at growing the plant at an exemplary pace.

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When getting the soil to grow this plant makes sure it is a mixture of grainy and firm soil. Occasionally, add soil conditioner to make the plant grow smoothly. This plant requires frequent soil change for added nutrition to boost its growth.


Water is one of the most important elements that can make or break the growth of your plant. To grow this plant species, the soil should be moderately wet or moist for faster growth.

In its growth months, try to water the plant more often to help the moisture embed deeply into the roots. On the other hand, avoid watering the plant as frequently as you would in summers. Look at the condition of the soil before adding water as excess water can wither the plant.


Light is as important as any other element for a plant as it carries out natural procedures using sunlight. However, harsh sunlight can instantly kill this plant. Hence, you should prefer keeping it in a space where warm evening light pours in.

Propagation and repotting of Devils Trumpet

Propagation Devils Trumpet

Propagation is a necessary process that most plant enthusiasts look forward to in the main growing season. Devil Trumpets do not need frequent repotting as they grow at one space well like mouse tail cactus, and Obregonia. The process of Devils Trumpet plant propagation is fairly simple as it evolves a few steps.

Stem propagation

In the peak bloom season of the plant, cut at least an 8-inch long piece of a fresh stem. Cut equal portions of the stem and lay them out on the flat ground. Select only the top two stem pieces that look the best for you.

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Let the selected pieces dry for a while and then dip them in a powder root agent. After dipping it into a powder root agent, use the best soil to plant the stems. Use soil conditioner for better results, and keep the soil wet at the initial growth stage.

Pest and insect controlling solution for Devil’s Trumpet

Pest and insect controlling solution for Devil’s Trumpet

Devil’s Trumpet is extremely prone to fungal growth, aphids, and whiteflies. Some non-toxic ways to get rid of pest are as follows:

Washing leaves

While watering the plants, pull the leaves out a little and wash them thoroughly to make sure the fungus stays away.

Neem oil

A little bit of water mixed with neem oil is a genius way to get rid of aphids. Spray the concoction a few times a week to naturally solve the issue.

Where to buy Devil Trumpet seed?

The seeds of this plant are not readily available in physical stores. However, Amazon keeps a variety of these plants and offers great discounts on them. Order your seeds now, to get them delivered in a few days.

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Devil’s Trumpets are a bold yet super pretty flowering plant that is simple to take care of and is hassle-free to keep in indoor spaces. They add such a great vibe and have exemplary health benefits that are hard to neglect.

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