Mexican Fencepost Cactus Care Tips

How tall do you think a cactus plant can grow? Well, we know you must have a guest about a foot or two. However, a Mexican Fencepost Cactus can grow up to the height of a single-story home easily. The cactus requires minimum supervision or care to grow to its fullest.

As the name suggests this plant grows in Mexico where heat and humidity are at its maximum. Most people prefer to grow it in their front or backyard closer together to create a fence look. This plant has spikes all over it, that can easily act as a protection against animal or theft activity.

To keep these plants indoor, it requires a little more care and attention. It grows 1 to 3 feet each year and can overcrowd the house. To know all about this cactus plant keep on reading as we will share some useful plant care tips.

Tips to Grow Mexican Fencepost Cactus Faster

Tips to grow Mexican Fencepost Cactus

Mexican Fencepost cactus is a succulent plant that most people take for granted. This plant has impeccable benefits when kept indoors or outdoors. However, to grow this cactus plant to its full potential some elements are crucial, that are mentioned as follows:


The soil necessary to grow this plant is any regular cactus soil. However, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to select soil with maximum drainage. These plants hate moisture although occasional watering is essential to keep them thriving.

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Cactus soil is one of the best things you can give to your cactus plant. Once in a while, switch or mix the regular soil with cactus soil to stimulate the growth of the plant. Soil conditioner is also a phenomenal way to keep your plant growing at an exemplary pace.

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To grow this plant sunlight plays a huge role like Manfreda and Kedrostis Africana plants. This plant usually grows fully when it is under direct sunlight. This plant has certain characteristics that make it immune to sun damage and intense drought conditions.

If you decide to keep this cactus plant indoors to add an accent color or uplift the vibe of your room, try to keep it in a corner where sunlight hits the most. They do not die in less sunlight, but they might not grow that well.


This plant needs only a little amount of water to survive intense heat. In dryer months where the sun is extremely bright, try to water this plant at least a month. In winters or spring, this plant needs no water at all.

Indoor pot

This plant keeps on growing and its growth in height stops once it reaches a substantial level. If you keep it indoors, make sure you select a terra cotta pot with intense depth and width. Switch the pot every once in a while, to provide enough room for growth.

Propagation and Repotting of Mexican Fencepost Cactus

Propagation and repotting of Mexican fencepost cactus

Mexican Fencepost cactus looks best when it is grown side by side to achieve a fence-like look. Here is how you can create numerous clones:

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Propagation by stem

You can create numerous clones of this cactus plant by cutting the fleshy stem. After cutting the stem through a sharp object or surgical knife, let it dry for a while. After drying, plant each stem piece by making a small cut at the base. Plant each stem at an equal distance to establish a fence look.

Propagation through seed

To propagate through seed, you need to wait for a long period to achieve the desired height. However, it is an easy and cheap process to gain substantial growth easily.


When growing the plant indoors, make sure you switch the pots once in a while and upgrade to a bigger one. Choose a pot that does not restrict the plant’s growth.

Pest and insect control

To control pests and insects in Mexican Fencepost cactus, you need professional pest control service as mites can get bad.

Where to Buy Mexican Fencepost Cactus

Where to buy Mexican Fencepost cactus

Amazon is a great place to buy a succulent plant at a cheaper price. They deliver this cactus plant to express delivery at multiple locations. If you have a hard time finding this plant locally, order it on Amazon.

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Mexican Fencepost Cactus is a fantastic species that adds a great accent to your home. This plant has an aura of its own and provides a feel of Los Angeles hot lands. If you are a plant freak then this plant should surely be on top of your list.

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