Philodendron Mottled Dragon: A Complete Guide on How To Care For It

A beautiful plant known as philodendron mottled dragon belongs to the Araceae family. Moreover, it is a wonderful plant species with large green leaves attached to golden hues.

Whether you wish to keep the plant in your house or office, it will create a great environment in both cases. Aside from that, the best thing about the philodendron mottled dragon is that it has a friendly nature, and all the plant growers love this kind of plant.

Aside from possessing a friendly nature, it is toxic to humans and animals. So you must obtain a serious attitude if you have one at your home. The leaves of philodendron mottled dragon are unique with curved edges, making it look different from other houseplants.

Philodendron Mottled Dragon Features

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The uniqueness of any plant comes from its features. Hence, the mottled dragon has amazing features that distinguish it from the other philodendron plants. Let’s have a look at some of those features:

  • Leaves and stems

The most enhanced and prominent part of the plant Philo mottled dragon is its leaves. It has sharp leaves which have curves from the outer side. Also, the plant’s leaves have much resemblance to the dragon. The beautiful green leaves are sometimes seen with golden hues.

  • Height

The mottled dragon has a phenomenal height falling in the category of small to medium plants. Its height varies from 8 inches to 12 inches and 16 inches. However, if it gets proper care, it reaches the height of 20-25 inches.

  • Evergreen community

Mottled dragon comes from an evergreen community. Its long, curved edge leaves love every season and doesn’t get damaged. No matter what corner of the house you choose to keep the plant, it will always blossom in good health.

  • Flowers

A mottled dragon is not a plant that pops up flowers because it is not meant for that. Its beauty lies in its beautiful large, lush green leaves. The huge dragon resembling leaves beautifies your house or workplace greatly.

  • Growth

Philodendron mottled dragon is a high-growth plant. It grows rapidly and climbs high. The high growth makes it an adoring plant indoors.

  • Durability

When it comes to mottled dragons’ durability, undoubtedly, it is a highly durable plant that can survive for a longer time. The best part is that, even if you don’t replant a mottled dragon, its leaves will ultimately regrow once again. So it doesn’t require any effort from your side.

  • Maintenance

It’s an easy-growing plant that needs low maintenance. So, this tropical plant doesn’t need some additional time or effort from you. It grows perfectly fine under moderate indoor humidity and temperature.

  • Dormant season

Dormancy of such plants usually occurs in winters and fall seasons. Although the leaves would not grow enough during the dormant season, its vines may get taller. During this weather condition, you must not water more as it requires average watering so that the soul does not get much moisture. So, if you feel like watering it, make sure you use a watering spray so that only a sufficient amount of water is provided to the plant. Too much negligence and too much attention are not what the plant prefers. Overfeeding may cause the plant serious trouble.

  • Temperature and threshold

Sudden temperature changes may affect mottled dragons badly. Mild temperature fluctuations would work great for this type of plant. Notably, all the tropical plants are happy with moderate temperature changes.

  • Humidity

Tropical plants are humid environments, and so does the mottled dragon. You will witness even more green and glossy leaves in humid environments. Additionally, the plant is adaptive to a high humid environment, but it can also tolerate a low humid environment.

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The tropical, philodendron mottled dragon is a beautiful green plant ideal for both house and workplace. It is friendly, yet it is toxic to human and animal health. Hence, it is an easy to grow plant while being easy to manage simultaneously.

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